Socializing Baby Parrots

Socializing Baby Parrots

A baby parrot should be cherished, cuddled and be introduced to a diversity of toys and environments to help him or her develop and socialize with confidence. Yet it would be sensible not to spoil your bird excessively. What you need to aim at instead is to help your baby bird develop into an independent and mature parrot able to look after itself.

Responsible breeders realize the importance of socializing the baby birds they sell with humans and also with other birds. Some breeders can hand raise babies in the presence of tame adult parrots that will function as role models for these babies. You had better also search for a breeder who teaches their babies socialization skills and even vocabulary training straight from the start of the hand feeding.

Baby parrots demand gentle handling and the initial socializing by the breeder should be followed by suitable training and further socializing by the new owner. For example, when the baby parrot wants to nibble on your fingers or some other thing that he or she shouldn't, instead provide a small toy for him or her to chew on.

It is also beneficial to get your baby parrot accustomed to being handled by different (trustworthy) people. African greys, and in particular Congo African greys, are said to be suspicious of strangers, and are given to bond exclusively with their owner if they're not exposed to other people on a regular basis.

That's why you should really avoid purchasing an unweaned baby bird. A lot of people believe or have heard that it is a better choice to build a stronger bond with their new pet, or perhaps they are trying to save a bit of money and think it will be fun. Other people unwittingly teach their bird to bite by improperly reacting to the first attempts of a baby to experiment with his or her beak. Similarly a beginner won't know how to respond to a screaming or begging baby so that this unsuitable behavior can quickly become the norm for that bird, and soon it will scream or beg continuously.

Bringing a new baby parrot home is a magical experience, but something even more heart-warming is to see it grow into a well-balanced friendly parrot, so do pay extra attention in these early days to avoid problems down the line.


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